Through the course of changing times,
people have gradually lost interest in and continuously neglected valuable things
which should be paid appropriate price for its value

In the society characterized by mass production and mass consumption,
it is considered as right and universally accepted to be "the same".

When we make a decision,
do we ever take into consideration of the other species aside from us, humans?

When you see a little child play with insects,
please let them be and watch them over from afar.

I believe that the existence of insects over there ought to
have the same value as the existence of you here.


I have a dream
That one day honeybees in my homestead that collect pollens and nectar
from flowers in neighbors' gardens will bring about an abundance of fruits.
When my neighbors will share with us the jams made from vegetables
and the hard-earned fruits, in exchange for the pollination,
I will share with them the delightful honey harvested in the fall.

I have a dream

That on one spring day,
I will find a queen of paper wasps and hornets working tirelessly on building its nests on its own.
That this miraculous spectacle will pull on the heartstrings of many more.

I have a dream

That one day, honeybees and numerous in my homestead will be able to drink water
from rice fields, and the water is cherished as the source sustaining the lives of such creatures

I have a dream

That for the time to come, we will preserve and continue with the traditional festivals and
cultures that connect us to the nature.

"In the years after my time, I hope that we will stay who we are,
who find the elegance in the figure of a frog that awaits one's death."

Description of Business

Japanese bees honey, beeswax, and other natural ingredients combine to formulate our nurturing products.
Learning the appeal of our raw materials could encourage people to grow closer to nature as they appreciate another factor of its beauty.

Goals and Actions

Our project began by living with Japanese honey bees. We learned a lot. Most importantly, we discovered that the healthiest environment for bees is also the healthiest environment for people. Due to environmental changes, bees are dying around the world. We think people should seek their original relationship with nature. People should value and appreciate the gifts nature provides. Coexistence with nature is good for the earth and for the creatures who live on it. This business is our effort to bring people and nature back together.

About our Brand Identity

Inspiration for the name "Shishi" comes from the traditional dance "Shishimai". In eerily beautiful performances, dancers wear a guardian lion costume. Watching the dance reminded us of the strong value our ancestors placed on their relationship with nature. During the Edo Period "Shichijyuniko" was created. "Shichijyuniko" is the division of the year into 72 parts corresponding with Japanese seasons.

About our Bland color

Our brand's pink color represents the vulnerability of flesh and the connection between humans and other living creatures.